i am tumbling

brushpen sketch

brushpen sketch

brushpen sketch


i want to write

but words are not enough

words fail to describe feelings

feelings are strange

people are strange

life is short, and you see…this sounds ridiculous


so much i´d like to say,

but i´m a coward plus i know that you know and every word could be too much

i just want you to know that it´s ok

i´ll be your friend 

the word friend is much too small


no accident

shut up,brain!

brain: but that´s was the plan,wasn´t it?

i don´t know, just shut up

brain: but you got what you wanted, didn´t you?


i wish you were happy

like i wish that i was

we´re sad little clowns 

trapped inside some thing they call reality

escape once in a while

just for a smile

the price is high

and so am i

good night

you touch my leg in the car

you smack her ass in the bar

but you sit alone on the couch


In the same vein as lake comic, I’ve taken a snippet of conversation with a friend that really resonated with me and illustrated it. This one started from a conversation about loneliness and depression. My friend suggested I add “if you suspect you have a friend who needs a hug, don’t wonder. and put some scent glands into it.” So yeah, please remember to love on the people you love - make sure they know. And thanks to you all for tethering me.


luna loves the muse

she waits for her every night

and when she arrives,they both go for a ride

there is no need for a single word

just close your eyes and noone gets hurt


i bet the stars look much brighter where you are

you´ll shine the brightest, little star

if you wouldn´t only be so far

away from me

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